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Voltitude: The World’s Quickest Folding Electric Bicycle

March 9th, 2011 by Purnima View Comments

Is that a scooter- the kind you see on the streets in Italy? But, it looks more like a bicycle. Wait a minute! Look a little closely and you will agree that the vehicle is indeed a bicycle that draws inspiration from a city scooter. Voltitude is an electric bicycle designed to run your daily errands in and around the city/suburbs.

The rather trendy looking Swiss made electric bicycle is powered by a motor and a battery module (Lithium-Polymer 9.5 Ah). It will let you cruise around town effortlessly for 18 miles on a full charge (that would take approximately 4 hours). The bicycle has a low gravity center ensuring a comfortable and easy ride. The wide recycled aluminum wheels are designed to keep you safe from city accidents. Other features include powerful hydraulic disc brakes, a rear wheel drive, an integrated locking system to keep thieves away and front and rear lighting. You can also be assured of a silent ride without the noise of an engine. Another USP is its SafeFold system that lets you fold and unfold the bicycle in a second.

No news on the pricing so far and whether it will be considered roadworthy in the United States. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have any news. Even if the price is initially on the higher side (we’re just guesstimating here), in the long run, you can be assured of an extremely efficient energy cost per mile.

The upside, if you were to compare it to your standard bicycle, is the ‘no effort involved’ element. Further being a bicycle, you won’t ever need a license to ride it plus no registration hassles. You can bypass all the city traffic by using all bike lanes to your advantage. If you compare it to a city scooter, Voltitude will help you minimize your carbon footprint, being totally emission free. Plus the easy and quick foldability feature makes it easy to store and use whenever you need it. Put it away in a locker, a car boot or cupboard; Voltitude won’t demand additional space in your garage. All in all, Voltitude is convenient and compact from the word go.

If you’d like more information or would like to keep yourself updated on any changes in tech specs in the future, please visit Voltitude.

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  • Riquet68

    Fantastic, I love the great looks and convenience in the same product — rare enough to mention.

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