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Top Five Best Extreme Sleds

January 8th, 2009 by BallerRide View Comments


Normally we only write about rides with some sort of engine. However, after hearing about extreme sledding, also known as free sledding and performance sledding, we had to make an exception. Extreme Sledding is similar to backcountry/freestyle skiing or snowboarding only, you guessed it, you’re riding a sled. We included some videos after the jump so you can check it out for yourself.

Extreme Sledding supposedly started with a few dare devils in the woods of New England. These guys took sledding to the next level with tricks, including backflips, and long hikes up extremely steep and long hills for the thrill of a crazy ride with more carving and tight turns than you would pull on a snowboard. As you can imagine, a regular sled doesn’t cut it when hitting the park. As such we’ve found the top five best sleds for extreme sledding and present them in no particular order since they are each suited for different types of rides:



The Hammerhead is what you might sketch when drawing a performance sled. It runs on four skies, the front two made of polycarbonate and the rear two made from polyethylene. You lie on your stomach face first and steer the sled with the frontrunners which make it extremely easy to hit tight turns. The Hammerhead is incredibly intuitive and absorbs bumps with its tensioned webbing. It is reccommended for runs rather than jumps and retails for $349.


Mad River Rocket Killer B

This sled couldn’t have a more fitting name. The Mad River Rocket Killer B is a cushioned plastic tube you ride on your knees. To steer lean back in the direction you want to go, for sharp turns stick your arm out behind the sled and drag it in the snow. This sled garners lots of speed very quickly and is reccommended for more experienced sledders especially since it allows for jumps, backflips and all sorts of tricks (check out the video below). Best in powder, the Mad River Rocket Killer B retails for $279.


Stiga Advanced FSR

Count on the Swedish to engineer a sled that looks like a tricycle. The Stiga Advanced FSR has a high center of gravity and is steered by handlebars. Its true calling is a trick sled due to its agility and quick turning ability. The sled allows for tricks you might expect from a Moto-Cross event including 360′s, superman’s, flips and more. Check out the video below for a few cheap thrills. The Stiga Advanced FSR retails for a mear $90.


Wham-O SnowBoogie Fantom-X

Despite the somewhat ridiculous name, this winter sled is highly manuverable and offers the beginner a more controled ride than the similar Hammerhead. The Wham-O SnowBoogie Fantom-X features two pivoting skies with slick bottoms for speed. The handlebar grip offers a good amount of control as well as the option to ride the sled laying down or sitting up. Strong enough to hold two, the Wham-O SnowBoogie Fantom-X retails for $90.


Airboard Classic 130

This sled combines ease with the ability to hit jumps and simply enjoy the ride. The Airboard Classic 130 may look like an airbag, but it gathers speed quickly and handles easily via handlebars on either side allowin it to turn similarly to a boogie board. This winter sled is inflatable and as such does not boast precision, however it does allow you to get airborn easily over even small bumps due to its light weight of only 6.2lbs (lightest of all the sleds listed here). Not reccommended for the woods, this Swiss-made sled retails for $279.


Thanks to PopularMechanics for inspiring this article.

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    The Shapell Jet Sled is also good for extreme sledding and is only around $25.00.

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