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Futuristic Transport with the Scarab

November 19th, 2008 by BallerRide View Comments


This futuristic concept is a four-wheeled, single-passenger, fuel-efficient personal transporter. The Scarab will run on a bio-fuel internal combustion engine or just on batteries that take advantage of regenerative breaking and other technologies to maximize energy efficiency. Designer David Orizein Goncalves concepted the Scarab to have both an exo-skeleton and some of the coolest turning features we’ve seen. The Scarab can stand striaght up or be laid out, as seen in the image above, and when you turn the Scarab the wheel base extends to maximze turning radius. We’ll keep you posted if David Goncalves’ Scarab ever hits production. More pictures and specs after the jump.

Scarab Specs:

-The vehicle is composed of interchangeable modules that can be customized.
-Powerpack module composed of a permanent battery plus 3 options for the main energy pack (battery, biofuel ICE or a fuel cell).
-4 wheel drive through electric brushless in-wheel motors with directdrive.
-Wheels with regenerative braking through EW Brakes.
-Drive by wire and tactile HUD embedded in the Lexan canopy.
-Structural elements in Carbon-Aramid composite.
-Embedded sensors, Lidar, radar, transponders, GPS. These serve to exchange information with the system, with other drivers and to have precise location data.
-Renting of the vehicle or modules that allows for a private/public/mixed utilization and transport access for people with less financial resources.
-Doesn’t need new infrastructures.
-Is backward compatible with current transport systems and uses current day technologies.




[via StyleCrave/YankoDesign]

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