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Dimora’s $2 Million Car to Feature Components Made From Volcanic Rock

August 14th, 2008 by BallerRide View Comments

Dimora Natalia SLS

California-based Dimora Motorcar has big plans for its Natalia SLS 2 Supersedan, which the company claims will be the most expensive and luxurious production car on the market, selling for a projected price of $2 million. So far Dimora has only released computerized images of the Natalia SLS 2, along with plenty of hype. In the company’s latest announcement, Dimora proclaims that it will be working with Barotex Technology Corporation to integrate “Barotex inorganic fibre” components, made from volcanic rock, into the Supersedan.

Barotex’s inorganic fibre is reportedly stronger and more environmentally-friendly to produce than carbon fiber since petroleum isn’t used in the production process. We’ll have to wait and see whether the volcanic material lives up to Dimora’s expectations. But assuming it does, we can bet that it will become a favorite new material used in the tuning community.

Describing its rationale for the Barotex partneship Dimora states, “when we began designing our 16-cylinder engine that would erupt with 1200 horsepower, we decided to call it the Volcano V16. It’s only natural that we now surround the DiMora Volcano with volcanic rock from Barotex.”

Until we see production shots of the Natalia, we can safely say that we’d rather spend a fraction of the price on a Maybach Landaulet.

[via WorldCarFans]

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  • ShtiStorm

    this is the most ridiculous piece of shit i have seen in days.

  • w

    Yes this totally sucks –
    I hope it never gets built

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