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Mercedes Diamond Encrusted SL 600 $1000 Just to Touch

May 22nd, 2008 by BallerRide View Comments


When you get your 38th car it’s time to celebrate! Prince Al-Waleed of Saudi Arabia had this diamond encrusted Mercedes custom built for $48 million and is charging $1000 just to touch it. That’s right, not drive, but touch. The Mercedes features diamonds on, well, everything: the tailpipe, rims, logo, entire body, and beyond. At least it’s good to know our $4/gallon is going towards something we can pay to touch.

dimage0011.jpg dimage006.jpg dimage003.jpg

dimage005.jpg dimage004.jpg dimage007.jpg

[via BoingBoing/CraziestGadgets]

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  • ash


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  • Mike

    What a d*ck!! Don’t tell the starving people in 3rd world countries about this

  • J.Slaps

    There’s no way you’d be able to drive that car during the day time let alone film it. The absorbtion alone would give a blind person sight.

  • micoletalley

    i can buy this piece of shit for two dollars call me 323 755

  • Aksjdlksjdlas

    how much does it costs i want a buy it……………..

  • Anonymous

    2+1 dollar from me to this car. call me too
    my number is 1234567890

  • boyracer

    if you like this check what else is being done with gems @ automotive jewelling

  • Semporna75

    the owner should be worried everytime ride this car…i wanna join any gang wanna do robbing…hehehehe

  • Dude

    sure! I will pay $1000 to touch…. and hammer this shit in pieces!!!

  • Hfghf

     m8 life is not fair and it seems to be never fair :/

  • CustomPainter

    Automotive Jewelling is the custom painting industry’s answer to swarovski stunt show cars.  It’s not over the top & be used several different ways from a full gem graphic, name or car badge to highlighting & accentuating airbrushing & pin striping. Its under the clear coat so will last as long as your paint does.

  • karen

    Aaaaarab monaay !

  • lolipops

    That surely will cause alot of car crashes if you were to drive during the day time LOL the sun hitting them diamonds gonna be blind people :D

  • Kkra3

    $48 million can feed a lot of hungry people, built schools, establish healthcare facilities, etc. These prince have enough to live 1000 life time in luxury. Who are they trying to impress?! We all know they have all the money on the world. If they were, probably to impress people they don’t even like.

  • Keshav_pa

    i think the common man in Saudi is a eunuch. How can the citizens of a country sit and watch when the so called rulers are displaying their wealth so arrogantly. They should learn from the people of Egypt, Libya & now Syria. They should learn from the passengers of United Flight 93 that the Al Qaeda hijacked. When the passengers decided to save their country they overpowered the hijackers and crashed the plane saving miliions of lives and today by the sacrifice of a flight full of passengers we in America are leading a free life. If Saudis have the balls it will only need a handful of men to bring the regime down so that the rest of the citizens in that country could enjoy a free life with prosperity..

  • lovehomechic

    That’s just stupid. I can buy my own diamonds with $1000 instead of just touching a car which by the way is made of swarovski crystals not actual diamonds.

  • Jai Mico

    With so much Poverty in the World guys like this make me angry that they just like to show off their wealth like a like spoiled kid! Fuck this shitty ass car and this douche! Your Car is Fucking ugly by the way! 

  • ColoradoHermit

    I’m glad to see all the aid money America has sent them is being put to good use. The Pig should have all those diamonds shoved up his ass, have a butt plug super glued in his ass, glue his ass cheeks together and then sew them together just to make sure. Then force feed him a bunch of Pork Sausage, pickled eggs, and X-lax. Then super glue his mouth shut and sew his lips together and see how long it takes for him to blow up.

  • Livekernelevent

    With this kind of money..Why Mercedes?

    Fucking Tasteless Prince

  • Igor


  • Anu from Finland

    Beautiful diamonds shine on icy snow everywhere I look every winter spring day in abundance. I do not have to bother for it nor pay for it. A car, so boring. It does not change, one dull block. It will break one day, my God creates shining beauty around me now and for ever. Besides, there will be no diamonds in heavenly Jerusalem where I belong. The more you take to yourself the more you loose. Your life becomes empty and meaningless. The more you give you receive back. And when you bless Israel you get blessed too, the car owner should start to support the poor in the land of Israel. Contribute to charity, hospitals, ambulances… And he will start to get true blessings over his life.

  • Chimi Changa

    Fuck this ugly piece of shit, I’d throw a fucking rock at it if I EVER saw this douchebag fuck on the road.

  • Evan A Gragg

    Just throw it at the douchebag. The car is too valuable.
    It shouldnt exist but because it does, it needs to be taken care of.
    Bernie 2016

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