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World’s Fastest ATV: 2008 Polaris Outlaw 525 IRS

April 3rd, 2008 by BallerRide View Comments


With acceleration and top speed that beats out the best competition, the 2008 Polaris Outlaw 525 IRS is the fastest ATV on the market. The Outlaw 525 is a performance/sport ATV which is best for dunes and racing, as opposed to sport models which are made for back country and can take a serious beating. The Polaris Outlaw 525 IRS comes with a five speed transmission which includes reverse and an engine with over 510cc displacement. IRS, for those who are new to the ATV world, stands for independent rear suspension meaning that each wheel is free to do its own thing.

The Polaris Outlaw 525 recently received a recall for a retention bolt that came loose in less than 0.001% of vehicles causing a loss of control. The problem can be fixed for free at any Polaris dealer, and the Outlaw ATV is still the fastest one out there. The fastest ATV can be yours for the price of $6,900-7,400 depending on your specific modifications. 0-50 acceleration racing times and more pics after the jump.

0-50 mph
Outlaw 525 – 5.70 seconds
Raptor 700 – 6.18 seconds
TRX450R – 6.21 seconds
Can am Renegade 800 – 6.34 seconds
Z400 – 7.42 seconds
Kaw KFX700 – 8.48 seconds

outlaw3.jpg outlaw7.jpg

Available through: Polaris Dealers

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  • dustin stephens

    yeah damn right my ’08 700 raptor will smoke the outlaw 525 anywhere and anytime

  • bubba stephens

    i bet the outlaw and ktm 525′s would be good race but raptors are the fastest production atv u can ever have! the best bang of your buck is raptor 700 it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Moore

    bubba, I have a 2008 525s and have raced several 700r raptors. Mine is bone stock and my buddies 700 raptor has fullm exhaust and chip/programmer and it’s not even close. The 700 Craptor has no chance against MY OUTLAW!!!

  • Michael Moore

    Dustin stephens, Buscoe Beach 12:00 any Saturday. Come getcha some of my OUTLAW but please bring your wallet!!! No chance I’ll ever lose to a raptor!!!!

  • Stepher

    I know for a fact that the Raptor is way faster than the Outlaw!! My DS650 Baja can waste that lil Outlaw no problem… The Raptor 700 and the Ds650 are a close match and both ATV’s blow the Outlaw outta the water

  • jim

    outlaw has a higher top speed than the craptor. seriously u should no wat u r talking about before u say it.

  • polaris tops

    [...] beats out the best competition, the 2008 polaris Outlaw 525 IRS is the fastest ATV on the market. : Vehicles : InTheNews : Polaris Grant Program Tops 700,000 …Polaris Grant Program tops [...]

  • Blaine

    Yall are all crazy I build drag banshees for a sand drag spec company and when it comes to cant hold on horse power stock or built banshee is the way to go.

  • Blaine

    Oh yea Michael Moore im going to busco next weekend july sat 26 ill race your so big but not so bad outlaw im bringing one of my just finished white banshee’s for setup testing and tuning so lets do it man. Hell ill race any of yall.

  • lane

    banshees will beat your 700 raptors and your crappy polaris any day stock or tricked out ive seen it before the banshee will smoke the 700 raptor

  • Dan

    Whatever, my banshee will smoke the outlaw and the craptor 700. I only got 10,000 into mine

  • Steve

    Who gives a rodent’s behind which may be faster? Not I.

    Have a good day “doo-doos”!

  • http://peekins1 my brute 750 wins all

    my brute beat all them its the operator

  • Jeff

    Its just like shooting guns, the gun doesn’t shoot good the shooter does. Same as ATV or most any other racers, its mostly the rider.

  • Bob The Builder

    man my outlaw will smoke n e ones atv just lett me no

  • big papa302

    my 400 ex will skunk a outlaw it runs 82 mph in 10 seconds

  • big papa302

    yamaha and polaris suck go honda!!!! yippay

  • big papa302

    ive just got 1800$$$ in my atv and its handles, good climbs good, and is quick on the spot

  • hippie

    everyone talks a big show, i own a 08 outlaw 525, i know ktm makes a wicked engine, ive never lost a race on it yet, ive raced a cr125, yz 125, yz 250, z 400, raptor 700, 700r, most of them built to the hill, its smokes them all, and yeah, a lot of it is experience and knowin how to use a clutch for all you kids out there. swallow ur pride, shut up and learn to RIDE.



  • hvezda

    all your pieces of crap can kiss my fat ass i have a stock raptor 660r and a 08 outlaw 525 me and my brother race all the time and we switch quads the raptor wins every time.

  • Jeff

    Let the race(s) begin and may the best RIDER! win!!!!!!

  • Jordon

    how about u guys stop wasting ur time wit words and RACE. . .

  • who gives a crap

    who cares which one is faster everyone know the best driver will win.

  • dirtrider_07

    my cr 250 will beat this thing anytime anywhere EASY!!!!

  • birdie

    hands down..the outlaw will win overall with distance-for short drags th 700 will take it by 1/2 a bike length-not a chance in hell a 660 can do it, at least not stock!!!

  • Raptor Smoker

    Pussy craptor riders beware, my kawasaki kfx 510 ice cube big bore eats up raptors left and right, but you know one thing it cant beat? An outlaw 525. I got my outlaw 525s 2 weeks ago and i beat a banshee with fmf pipes on it, a raptor 700 with dual exhaust not sure the brand, a honda 470 big bore trx, a ds 650 and a 400 ex, i will with confidence destroy any of you in a drag race, however i think the 450 would probably get me on the track due to them being smaller and ment for mx, but when it comes to trails or drag racing look no further.

  • domains

    I know a dealer that rases banshees and even he said the Outlaw 525 is a tough one. or the DS 650 is hard to beat…

    There almost the same so stick your heads up your bragging asses.

  • domains

    torque hp and weight divided by gear ratio.

  • psycho

    yo guys are all kidding yourselves. i went to soapstone bason in utah and raced a bored out banshee with suspenshion and exaust kits on my polaris 525irs outlaw that only has exaust tuned and beat it so stop lying and admit the outlaw 525 is the fastest quad on the market!!

  • domains

    maybe the banshee was spinning.

  • bakonbitz86

    lmao whos the kid who said his 660 would win,i purchased one of them things 2 years ago just to drive it off a cliff,i purchased the 525 irs 4 months ago(full fmf exaust with megabomb header,k&n,rev box,monster coil,and jet kit)im not sure wut it can do yet cuz there is not so many places to ride here in north missouri,im ready to race

  • tjman

    stop joking with your selfs, you all know the yamaha blaster wipes the floor of any quad or dirt bike you can throw at it.

  • domains

    yeah, the Yamaha blaster is definitely faster then either the craptor, the outlaw, or the banshee. it probably will beat most dirt bikes, too.

  • scorp77

    i have an outlaw 525 S, limited edition…i was smoking yamaha 450′s at the beach last weekend…the thing flies, and it feels like it’s floating with the awesome suspension

  • Smoke

    If you know anything about quads you would know the YFZ450 is so much faster than a 700 or any honda, don’t be mad that is just how it is.

  • jacob

    iv owned a raptor 660 bored stroked to the max bad lil bike.but i sold it bc of the continus problems now i own a LT 500 QUADZILLA.and its faster than my 660. will drag anything coming my way.good luck with them polaris’s they call 4 wheelers.

  • darren

    My Dads Arctic Cat 700 Fuel Injected will kill an Outlaw 525. The Arctic Cat has a top speed of 110 mph. I want a raptor 1300cc. they r 2 fast 4 u!!

  • Eli

    please people you and u piece of shit atv aint no match to my yellow jacket go cart its got 2 sthil 426 farm boss chain saw motors on it, this fuker when run son ,ill put 10,000 dollars on my go cart with 10 inch slick that mine will out run urs …this thing will run 100 mph in 7.02 second son that suking ur eyes out ur head so yall shut up with all that bull shit

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  • The outlaw

    Hey baconbitz you ever heard of “rally point ridge” its an awsome atv park right in your neck of the woods. Ok if you guys do the research the outlaw 525 is the fastest “accelerating” production quad out right now. But in saying that the raptor 700 has a higher top speed, so it all depends on how far you guys are racing. And yes a banshee IF BUILT is bad to the bone in the sand drags but thats all its good for crappy outdated suspension sucks for woods racing, but rules the sand drags.

  • fields

    the outlaw is the best machine out there. the raptor 700 might be faster by 5 mph but its not the quad its the racer so all of u need to shut up. if u want to race come to croom, brooksville fl im there every saturday



  • Vicious

    Man you guys…My grandma can run faster than yours.
    Lol j.p
    Just shut up, and race. not need to waste your energy typing these words unlesss you’re an idiotic person that sits on ur butt all day acting all big and bad, jut show eachother up, no need to argue over who’s is better, i’ll race you with my brothers 50cc, It’ll own lol. jk

  • Fields

    outlaw is the best quad out i have a outlaw 525 and i beat any raptor i race.
    so all u guys can shutup and u probaly
    dont even have a quad or dont no anything about. im at croom racing pevery satrday

  • storm

    ihave a 08 ltr450 wit the yohi kit and programmr and the only thing thatkeeps up it me is quadzilla so everyone need topay homage o suzuki

  • Tyler_Kestner

    haha all u guys think the outlaw and raptors are fast theyre pussies against my banshee and my scrambler cause ive raced them b4.

  • bakalakadaka

    hey they fing retard kid that said his dads arctic crap will go 110…. NO IT WONT thats what the speedo says u dumbfuck. not how fast it goes. itll go like 60…

  • Damie

    I wanna buy an atv but i want the fastest one out there. Which one should I buy???

  • khaled

    Im lookin g for camshift racing or basting racing for 525irs 2008

  • garett

    that artic crap wont even hit 5o ive got a new ktm 525 xc atv and it will kill anything. my dad has got a custom made raptor 1300. its got a hayabusa engine in it. try to beat that you artic crap that thinks he can go 110mph.

  • garett

    that artic crap wont even hit 50, ive got a new ktm 525xc atv and it will kill anything. my dad owns a machine shop and he custom made his own raptor 1300. its got a suzuki hayabusa engine it. try to beat that you artic crap that thinks you can go 110mph.

  • NorBadAss

    maybe the outlaw is faster from 0-50 at the paper, but the raptor got more torque and better handling so in the dunes or woods or wherever u actually try to race them against each other the raptor WILL smoke the outlaw. i know, because i have a 08 stock raptor 700 and race against outlaws, trexs, raptors, and a bunch of 450s evry weekend, the outlaw is fast, but not as fast as the raptor.

  • seeya

    I have ltr450 suzuki. anyone that has 525irs that thinks it is the fastes atv out.I would love to bust ur bubble.lets race.Oh yea dont forget your wallet.

  • Dude

    The REnagade is one fast quad

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  • kurt petrik

    i have an outlaw 525 and nothing can touch it. well nothing ive seen. guys who own one dont even argue about the craper and banshee we know we are faster plus look it up the outlaw stock is 78 mph the banshee is 75 mph ….

  • Mark

    i have a raptor 700r and i was racing my brothers outlaw 525 and i got smoked

  • kyle

    you all are not smart.. who cares whos 4 wheeler is the best. whos is faster.. doesn’t anyone buy a 4 hweeler to ride and have fun.. instead of talking crap about it.. the outlaw and raptor are both good machines.. i do have a 2008 525 irs outlaw.. but somedays i wish i had a raptor.. im only 16 but im happy with my 4 wheeler.. and listening to all you guys complaining makes me sick. just ride what u have and have fun like your supposed to do.

  • nick

    i gotta 05 400ex with a powercore 4 muffler, high flow headers, down three teeth in the rear sprocket, hot cam, k&n air filter, jet kit, 40 cc bore kit, extended swing arm, and a extended rear axel, my shit hits 0-80 in 7.9 seconds, ill smoke any of your quads accept maybe the banshee with the hayabusa engine.

  • G DAwg

    All of these are toys… go get a real 4X4 ATV and hit some mud pits.

    The fun starts when you have 4-wheel drive.

  • yoyo

    I have a suzuki 400 it will do 90 to 95 up hill.

  • jamie s

    ok i dont give a shit what you say… i have NEVER LOST race with my raptor 700! NEVER. bring any outlaw ill smoke it. if you think diffrent e-mail me well set up a race for pinks… i have over $5000 in my motor alone… trust me fuck polaris and everything they make! BUY A YAMAHA… THEN TALK SHIT

  • jamie s

    O AND IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHATS DONE… 745 cc stroker kit, full exaust, intake, powercommander, multi port hub with rev box and speedo (127mph) icecube head that was ported and polished, stage 3 cam, TURBO KIK at 13 psi, and a 75 shot of nos. YAMAHA

  • dillon pozzi

    my raptor 700 and yfz 450 will smoke any outlaw or any bike anywhere.

  • Outlaw 525s

    well i just bought a stock 08 outlaw 525s. My buddy has a kx250 with a pro circuit pipe and it beat it off the line and was even tru most of the gears besides top speed he has me for sure. The quad is fast and is awesome in the trails. Just race and quit fucking talkin shit.

  • cman

    listen guys ill tell you straight up no lie just like most of you said its the rider not the ridden

  • http://Banshee Steve

    An 06 Yamaha banshee with a Jet Kit would smoke an Outlaw 525 any day and that’s a fact

  • Reddrag

    The fastest quad out there is my honda 450ex 2009, i put 50 grand of aftermarket kit on it and i clocked it on a tarmac at 264kmp its about 145mph!

  • Reddrag

    The honda 450 out runs any outlaw or raptor or banchee!

  • brady

    listen up people, none of these atvs are the fastest, the 250cc Genata atv is the fastest ever! its street legal, capable of 120mph, 5 speed, 15″ rims, they’re 6 feet long, it has a spoiler, fuel injected, guages, blinkers, tail lights, head lights, they’re manufactured in indonesia, dual exhaust, it may be only a 250cc engine but the gears are right on for your money, doubt u can argue cuz im sure none of u fools have even heard of this atv but it does exist. peace.

  • phil


  • Jared

    I have an 84 yamaha 250 that is siting up on blocks in my back yard with the engine pulled out and i bet it will out run the polaris still!

  • higzilla

    alright boys. i know im a little late on this subject but i had a bored and stroked jetted, piped etc. 660 before.sold it.had a DVX 400 before.sold it.and so on.i own the fastest production 4 wheeler and that is a lt500 quadzilla.No polaris will ever beat me.ever.neither will a any raptor.its the rider.its all about reaction time and shifting.bottom of the line the zilla is fastest.

  • Mark Stevens

    Well ive got a 400EX that will smoke anything you guys have….GUARANTEED….hows stretched over 18 in with a fuel injected 174 horsepower 2004 kawasaki zx10r motor

  • nelik

    outlaw is fun. raptor is fun. banshee is painful to your neck. dirtbikes are fast, not fun. WHO THE HELL WANTS TO GO OVER 80 MPH IN THE IMPERIAL SAND DUNES?!?- for all it’s torque(which makes it a blast) the outlaw wouldn’t beat the raptor in a long flat race… but pin anything with four wheels against the outlaw up the hill, and the outlaw out powers any stock quad any day… WHAT DOES IT MATTER?

  • fasterthanu

    my baha 650 eats banshees and shits raptors so bring it

  • xXProdicalSonXx

    I have a kmd 450 type 57 that I converted an apex 22psi turbo to work with it. I had that clocked at Englishtown Nj raceway at 127.9 and it produced a 5.2 0-60 time. Bring it on Japan…

  • Thisisnotedwar

    me, my bros and my old man have aa Ds 650 with a ron woods box, k&n and fmf exhaust, a 700 Rapotor with Fmf exhaust and K&n, a kfx 700 with k&n a 1990 Suzuki lt250 with to much to list and just today a bone stock Outlaw 525. in a drag all of the bikes r extremly close but that outlaw just takes em all in a drag. I WAS SHOCKED now this is 5 different people alternating bikes and the outlaw always came out on top effertlessly but around our race track the LT250r kicks em all,(then again it also has over 9grand dumped into it)

  • Brian

    All I have to say is I have a 500 quadzilla and it will kill any junk ass outlaw out there. Everyone needs to quit listening to what it says on paper and just prove you shit is fast. Everyones shit is faster than somebody elses. All talk! The Zilla is the god of quads!!!!!!

  • kk911

    i have a DS650 and it goes 147 km/h

  • Rafael

    I have a kawasaki kfx450r 2009

    and maybe thinkin switch to a polaris 525 or a raptor 700

    and the thing is



    its all about the gears

  • kk911

    i have a ds650 and ill shit on that rubish lol

  • LikeXrazorXwire

    Wow. You guys are fags… Fisrt. I would like to see some correct grammer, before you guys can talk shit. Also, I have a completely stock 300ex, and I’ll put money on it that I will own all of you on a track. Not a drag race. Dragging is for queens. On trails. And I bet I’ll make it to the finish line with an engine that’s not blown up… And as for trail riding, I’ll spit you guys out in that too. Who needs 10 seconds of speed, when Honda can rip it up all day?

  • LikeXrazorXwire

    First* lol

  • hillbansheeclimb

    Toilets ride a banshee pussy’s

  • jay

    you all sound so stupid! im doing research on a new quad and i cam across this stupid imbread forum! you guys need to get a life and stop banging your sister! im sure all of your quads are sweet in some way or another. stop trying to measure your length of your penis through a toy and go out and get a life…or maybe a girlfriend???

  • honda

    Hondas may not get close with any of them but there the most reliable out there.but it just depends on what u do to it and how u treat it.and I’d rather have one I can ride for the rest of my life.but artic cats are pieces of crap there like almost an of brand.

  • WoodsRacer

    Alright… The kid with the 05 400ex bored .040 and blah blah… It’s not going to beat a banshee , i’m sorry. I have an 02 400ex with 416 kit stage 2 hot cam full whitebrothers exhaust , titanium valves ported and polished , FCR carb… I’ll admit the quad runs real good.. But beating a banshee in a drag race , i don’t think so , unless it’s like 300ft than it is very possible.
    2 strokes are NOT what everyone puts them out to be anymore. 4 stroke technology is kickin old school 2 strokes to the back burner. I own 5 quads and do a lot of racing.
    06 z400 with 440 kit. 05 yfz450 cam mod , hmf exhaust , 02 400ex (listed above) 04 YFZ450 with 510 big bore stroker 14.25:1 venom piston , 4.4 stroker crank , 480 cylinder , ported polished , etc etc. Than my workhorse 00 Arctic Cat 300 4×4. I do trail riding , hare scrambles and flattrack racing.
    Banshee’s should stay out of the woods.. They handle like crap as when as the quadzillas.
    The raptors were good , the 700′s not impressed with. I had an 03 660 , big bore 747 with 6mm stroker , twin 39mm carbs , barkers exhaust , etc. After it was all said and done 78.9hp (still have sheets and video footage to prove).
    I’ve never ran against the 525 , but I HAVE ran against the 450xc during a race.. On the straight aways it doesn’t pull my yfz one bit and i actually walk it by a quad length or so.. BUT RIDER is a MAIN factor in ANY type of racing.
    I say almost every quad produced are great quads , it all depends on what type of riding you do.
    Stock for stock… Honda 450 won’t touch a yfz450.. Thats why honda came out with the HRC kit , to make it perform and try to run with the big dog YFZ450.
    BUT honda IS reliability. People really need to get facts straight and do more research. I’ll be more than happy to give lessons. I’ve worked on , built , rode and sold MANY quads! For Drag racing I think the KTM or Polaris would grab the checkered (if long enough stretch).. AND I NEED TO ADD! DS650′s are garbage! They are heavy , slow revving pieces of crap! It’s like putting a chainsaw motor in a S10 pickup!
    Just my 2 cents..

  • sam

    My raptor 700 smoked my brothers outlaw 525. In a drag race at rocky ridge.He was in 5th. I pasted him in 3rd made it to the end of the strip and met him on my retern trip. SO NO THE OUTLAW525 WILL NOT OUT RUN THE RAPTOR 700..I have not ever been beat in a stock drag race

  • Mike

    Heres the truth about MY experience with the Outlaw 525. I recently purchased a 2008 525S. I used to dabble with raceing back in 2001 thru 2003, not drags so much, but woods. I would also go out to Lil Sahara for the dunes. I have been in about 30 races since I have purchased the 525s model. I weigh about 170, and consider myself ok at best with shifting this new atv. I will get used to it, but until then, heres the stats: I have left 660′s, 700 Raptors, Big Boar 400ex’s, KFX 400′s, KFX 450′s, and Honda trx 450′s in the dust. Only one of the 700 Raptors were stock, the rest of the ATV’s had atleast pipes on them minimum. At a guestimated 1/16th of a mile I beat them all hands down…. I’m talking 2-5 quad lengths minimum with all of them. The only ATV I seem to have problems with is the YFZ450 with duals, header pipe, and a 150 lb rider. He doesnt have me by more than 1.5 atv length. The problem I am having is holeshot! This 525 doesnt like to keep the front end on the ground. Well, this weekend is a different story. I just installed an HMF, and rejetted the 525S. I dont know if I will beat him, but the truth be told, I will get more experience at shifting this ATV I purchased a few weeks ago! The Verdict: Alot of raceing straight has to do with the shifting. I had almost purchased a kfx450, but opted on the great deal the local Polaris dealer had on this 2008 model. I cant be happier. I paid $4700 for my outlaw, and thar YFZ 450 rider said ontop of purchase he had another couple grand to make it that fast! You want speed for the dollar? Obviously my money was on the Polaris! Thanks, and just remember, to each their own, and just be happy that your riding!

  • Bassfisher2000

    my name is travis small and i have a kfx700 and i think that its the best thing in the world and then i bought a 525 outlaw and i found out that the kfx was not good at all and when i got the 700 i got beat by a stock 400ex and thats why i sold it

  • Drclowser_1014

    haha i know 700s are junk

  • 250x

    im running a 2003 predator 500, and I have yet to be matched. pure polaris pipe, stage 2 jet kit, and a k&n filter. raptor 700′s are no problem, yfz450′s easy, trx 450′s cake. Even outrunning the infamous world favorite the Banshee. the only one to have gotten me ever was a 310 Honda ATC250r.

  • 250x

    im running a 2003 predator 500, and I have yet to be matched. pure polaris pipe, stage 2 jet kit, and a k&n filter. raptor 700′s are no problem, yfz450′s easy, trx 450′s cake. Even outrunning the infamous world favorite the Banshee. the only one to have gotten me ever was a 310 Honda ATC250r.

  • brian

    what about the kfx 700 badboy

  • Scottybalboa1

    a pipe, jet kit and a k&n and you got the fastest quad on the planet huh? my friends that are professional ice racers have thousands invested in custom ground cams, head pipes, hours with the top porters in the country, custom big bore and stroker kits, custom degree wheels for the cam timing and hundreds of hours on the dyno all wasted when they could spend just a couple hundred on off the shelf parts like your self. I have no doubt the 250R spanked you, but you outrunning the infamous Banshee? sure , they forgot to tell you it was running on one cylinder! Stop eating pizza before you go to bed, its obviously giving you some weird dream!

  • Julian22arreola

    Lol 2008 Honda 700xx dust outlaws. Stock vs stock its not even close. 700xx has too much hp

  • Bassattak67

    lmfao 2006 banshee will just dust this pissy thing

  • Z Kerns

    dought that banshee arent that fast… and if it does its moded so haha good luck beating with a bone stock banshee didnt think so

  • Tcevans77

    Whatever idiot

  • Tcevans77


  • Tcevans77


  • Azulesmaximo

    dont think that a banshee can do that I had a banshee and now I’m the proud owner of 2007 outlaw 525 irs…so dont say what you dont know my friend

  • Azulesmaximo

    HELLOOOOOOO 700cc VS 525 take off a few cc’s and then we can talk. and another thing in the woods your pain will be a lot more pounds on your back…..

  • Guest

    I have a 2007 polaris outlaw 525 irs and 2 honda trx 250r soooo you know I have the best of two worlds

  • Guest

    The banshees are not as bad ass as you say….I been there move to the next step


    OK I just had to reply to this. I have a 08 outlaw 525s it has hmf exhaust, jd jetting, cfm airbox, and 16 tooth sprocket and it runs around 85 MPH. I’m confident with my current set up if I had a IRS (way better airbox) I would easily hit 90mph+. Stock for stock a 700r and a outlaw are pretty much down to the rider in terms of racing. the 700xx is just insanely fast with its retrofitted motorcycle motor LOL but if you want a KTM at a fraction of the price an outlaw is the way to go. Polaris had it right with the predators and now they got it right with the outlaw.  A must do on the Polaris is to at least jet it and put better air filter in it and remove baffles. Polaris makes them waaay lean from factory.

  • Biglheard

    hello to all , lets talk racing and you all will be racing for second place behind this 950 THUNDER CAT ! now enought of the talk…….. who ‘s first !

  • Sjw787

    shut the fuck up

  • Antegamisou


  • Andrewclark2015

    Banshee is the fastest thing out there nothing can beat it

  • Kaoswest

    banshee horsepower at the crank = 39hp
    outlaw at the crank = 50hp

    ask the dyno and not your ice racing ring peice. standard for standard the banshee is more a fairy than a race quad.

  • Cbernack

    It seems all you ladies have too much time on your hands, to each his own. As long as everyone is happy with what they are riding so what’s the fucking point? Relax we all enjoy the sport. Go ride!

  • guest

    le disen el parte 700 jaja

  • Emery

    LT500 enough said!

  • Thebutcherkhan

    Polaris outlaw 2009 525 irs… This is my bike and trust me when i say this is by far the fastest standard quad out there and if you mod it up then nothing will touch it. KTM power motherfuka!

  • Lee

    Ever heard of the suzuki quadzilla? Ended production i believe in ’87. Look it up i think you’ll be surprised. Hard to find one to actually drive and feel for yourself though but it’s a whole different ballgame getting on one of those beasts

  • J Renegar

    LT500R is the best quad ever made i got 1 and a LT250 R the 500 was made 4 years the 1st was in 87 stock jet was 420 in 88 it went down to 370

  • Kayleemelching

    i love this four wheeler i have one and it is the best four wheeler you can ride

  • jj hommie

    this is the best four wheeler ever and this will provide the best riding time of your life

  • jj hommie

    the 525 is the fastest i should know

  • Jwayne825

    i had a 500 quadzilla when i was younger and i goddamned near killed myself!!!! it would come off the ground in 4th or 5th gear i was to light to hold it lol.SCARIEST FUCKIN BIKE EVER!!!!!

  • Jwayne825

    Father would not even drive it then i had to sell it when i had kids wife thought i would kill myself on it lol

  • Zillafreak

    ya that is stock, a banshee with some porting = 70+hp easily at the wheels.

    also the quadzilla had 51hp at the rear wheels stock.
    the outlaw isn’t fast.

  • Bigum100

    what about ds 650 bomb

  • Bigum100
  • mike

    your nothing my 450 walk alll over your old shit

  • HaveRwilltravel

    nothin listed here ,if all the bikes were stock would come close to an 86 250r 3wheeler.If you think different enjoy living in your fantasy kiddoes!

  • Baker

    2008 outlaw 525s. Removed half the muffler, changed out air box to open aluminum one, hotcam, JE 13:1 compression piston, sigma 6 carb kit, rev box… Running 109 octain fuel…. I’ve had banshee ownes with 1000s of dollars invested really pissed off. And no one else can even come close.

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