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Buy 640-ft. Cruise Ship, Bring 1279 Friends

March 24th, 2008 by BallerRide View Comments


With room for 1280 people at the price of $31 Million, this 640-ft. cruise ship could be the ultimate party yacht. Originally built in Finland in 1970, the cruise ship was extensively redecorated and refurbished in 2005. Aside from being a steal for the price, the ship has got some amenities that caught our attention, such as a disco club, casino (pictured below), large swimming pool with self service restaurant on deck, 5 bars, a gym, 2,400+ person lounges, a main dinning room for 500, 8 passenger decks, 538 rooms, and last but not least, duty free shops. Just imagine the parties you could throw with your own personal cruise ship, and where you could take them. The possibilities are endless. And your credit card limit better be as well if your interested in making this purchase because the gas bill isn’t going to be cheap.

cruiseship.jpg cruise-ship-3.jpg cruise-ship-4.jpg

Available via YachtWorld

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  • Penelope

    thats hott

  • Chris

    I have an idea for this beautiful ship. I know of a country where it could make business

  • Ricky.

    I cant believe what i am seeing. I thought the titanic was big, this beauty tops the chart. I could never afford to buy somthing like this, if i was lucky enough to get my hands on it, there would the biggest harbour party, Sydney has ever seen. Pure grace, grand in size, only can i dream about it.

  • Jessie

    What is this vessel’s name?

  • Chris

    How would I go about purchasing this vessel?

  • Chefvdd80

    call or email to me

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